Serious Driving Violations Lead to SR-22s

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Financial Services Zone

When a driver needs SR-22 insurance services in Chicago, it can cost him or her a pretty penny. Even though Great Northern Insurance Agency offers competitive prices on SR-22 services, it can still be substantially more expensive than traditional types of insurance.

What is an SR-22?

An SR-SS insurance requirement are often given when a person commits a very serious violation while driving. This requirement ensures the state that you are properly insured and the your policy is active. This requirement can add additional financial strain to your budget.

SR-22 Violations

There are several different types of driving violations that are considered severe, and that may require you to have an SR-22 insurance services added to your Chicago policy. These violations include:

  • Operating a motor vehicle without an active auto insurance policy.
  • Driving with a suspended or expired license.
  • Driving a vehicle that is not registered or does not have plates.
  • Getting a DUI or DWI.
  • Having excessive amounts of speeding violations.
  • Being involved in an excessive amount of traffic accidents.

Avoiding SR-22 Violations

The easiest way to avoid needing SR-22 insurance services in Chicago is to be a safe driver and follow the rules of the road. You need to monitor your driving habits and make sure that you are obeying all traffic laws. If you feel like you are not a good driver or need help becoming a better driver, you may want to enroll in a defensive driving course. There are plenty of places around the city that offer these types of driving courses to help you become a better driver.

Make sure that you never drink and drive. A DUI is extremely expensive. It can cause you to have to serve jail time or probation, and you will likely be fined as well. However, the worst part about a DUI is the possibility that you could seriously injure or even kill someone. If you have been drinking, it is always safer and smarter to hire a cab or call for an Uber.

Make sure that you are up to date on your driver’s license, your car registration, and your tags. Plus, you should never let your insurance policy lapse. If you are in need of SR-22 insurance services or any other type of auto insurance services contact Site today for a free quote. Our agents are dedicated to getting you the best policy that suits your budget.