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Factors That Can Result in Higher Quotes for General Car Insurance in Cape Coral

Two individuals shopping for General Car Insurance in Cape Coral may very well receive remarkably different quotes for the same type of coverage. Automotive insurance underwriters look at a variety of aspects when deciding what premiums should cost for a specific driver. Underwriters determine the risk factors associated with each applicant, and car insurers hate risk.

A Factor That Can’t Immediately Be Changed: Age

At one particular moment in time, there probably isn’t much the applicant can immediately do to look like less of a risk. Future behavior and habits can be changed, though. One characteristic the person has no control over is his or her age. Because teenagers and young adults tend to have the highest vehicle accident rates, their automotive insurance costs more. They’ll typically start to see significant changes in insurance quotes in their mid-to-late 20s.

Driving Safety Record

Drivers who have one or more accidents on their record, especially if they were considered at fault, will usually receive higher quotes for General Car Insurance in Cape Coral. Collisions cost insurers money and they would rather only cover drivers without any safety incidents, if that were allowed. Similarly, traffic citations are frowned upon as well because that type of behavior can result in accidents. Speeding, failing to yield and running a red light are all warning signs to insurance underwriters.

Indications of Overall Responsibility

Some insurance companies look at overall behavior as an indication of responsible behavior in all realms of life, which would cross over into driving behavior as well. That’s why some insurers frown upon low credit scores, even though it should seem that a credit rating would not relate to behavior behind the wheel.

Type of Vehicle

An insurance carrier may view certain types of vehicles as being connected with riskier behavior. The owner of a muscle car with a V-8 engine may receive a higher quote than a person of similar demographics who is driving a modest sedan.

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