Document Checklist for Filing Your Taxes

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Tax Preparation Service

Whether you’re searching for a FATCA tax filing service in Jersey City, or just want to file income tax on your investment property, you’ll need to gather some documentation. Professional tax filers and accountants won’t be able to file on your behalf if they don’t have all of the necessary information. Here are some of the required documents you’ll need to have on hand.

Personal Data

  • Social security number

  • Address, and how long you’ve lived there

  • Birthday, including year

Employment Data

  • W-2 forms for the current year

  • Unemployment compensation, if any

  • Miscellaneous income, such as rent

  • Pensions and annuities

  • Foreign accounts and income

  • Prizes and awards

  • Lottery winnings

Financial Assets

  • Income statements from all investments, including annuities, dividends, rental properties

  • Retirement plans


  • Home Loans

  • Student loans, including interest paid


  • Child care expenses

  • Medical expenses, including prescription drugs

  • Job-hunting expenses

  • Gifts to charity

  • Alimony paid

Everyone is different, and will have different forms and expenses/income to claim. It’s important to gather all of these documents as you collect them, instead of trying to rush around at the last minute scouring through your filing cabinets.

Much of what you will have to pay in income tax will depend on several factors:

  • How much you made

  • How many expenses you have

  • Whether you’re single or married

  • Whether or not you have children, and coinciding child care expenses

Filing taxes can be a dizzying task, and while many people attempt to do it on their own with tax filing software, it’s always better to seek the help of a professional. They understand exactly what you need to have on hand, how much you can claim, and can reduce your chances of being audited. Taxes are not usually something that should be handled as a DIY project. When you trust a professional tax filing service, you can have peace of mind knowing it was done right.