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How Tax Preparation Services Help Individuals and Businesses in Carmel, CA

The goal of personal and business tax preparation is fair representation of clients who are dealing with the complexities of tax concerns. Tax analysis, planning and preparation services are ultimately geared toward helping clients gain peace of mind through the minimization of tax liabilities.

What Are Tax Preparation Services?

Tax preparers in Carmel, CA, are there to help individual taxpayers and business owners make filing a tax return easier. There are three most common tax preparer types. CPAs are licensed through the state of California to file individual and business returns. Enrolled Accountants are IRS-accredited. Tax attorneys are state-bar-registered.

These agents can be full-time preparers with extended services that handle IRS-related obligations year-round, or they can be seasonal service providers that primarily handle the filing of IRS returns. Business filing specialists are more appropriate for complex business filing. More generalized tax preparation, on the other hand, is sufficient for individual returns.

Services can include:

• Individual Tax Preparation

• Tax Planning and Consultation

• Personal Wealth Management

• IRS Problem Resolution

• Tax Saving Approaches

Extended services include real estate tax specialization dealing with personal-residence sales as well as like-kind-property-exchange IRC Section 1031 transactions and IRC Section 453 installment sales.

Parties They Help

Tax preparers in Carmel, CA, offer tax preparation and planning services for:

• Individuals

• Partnerships

• Corporations

• Estates

• Limited Liability Companies

• Trusts

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