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Are You in Need of Money Fast? Sell Structured Settlement Payments

Structured settlements are often awarded in civil lawsuits such as medical malpractice, workman’s compensation, and personal injury cases. Once you have been awarded your money, you may be excited to use the money to back-pay bills, purchase a new car, or even a new house. This may seem impossible when you find out the judge allowed the at-fault party to make payments. Now, what do you do?

Understanding a Structured Settlement

If you want to, you can sell structured settlement payments to companies such as We Pay More Funding. If you have old medical bills or bills due to loss of work, you may need larger payments. If the judge does not allow you to make changes, companies will purchase your payments. If you need a year’s worth of payments in a hurry, you can sell these payments for a small fee.

Pay Late Bills

If you need a certain amount of money to pay a late bill or purchase a new home, you can also sell structured settlement payments in a sum. If you need $15,000, you could sell all the future payments that add up to $15,000. The We Pay More Funding LLC will tack on future interest payments. Once you have paid back your loan, the structured settlement payments will return to you. Instead of getting just one offer, you will find that different companies have slightly different fees and services.

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