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Why You Need a Utility Survey

Utility surveys have many uses, primarily in the construction industry, providing valuable information that keeps everyone safe throughout the project. Before you begin any construction project, whether you’re building up or digging down, a utility survey is a critical step in the process. Learn more about why you may need one.

Locate Hidden Utilities

In many cases, utility lines and pipes are buried far beneath the ground. While they don’t pose a risk for most activities you may do, if you’re completing a construction project that requires digging deeper into the ground, a utility survey is essential to keep you safe and prevent accidents that could disrupt utilities to your property and even the rest of the neighborhood. This survey will identify which lines are in which locations, so you don’t accidentally hit one when you dig. Some utility surveys will also plot out overhead lines that could get in the way of your project, improving the planning process.

A Visual Inspection Isn’t Enough

It may be tempting to deduce where utility lines run based on where they enter a property or through a visual inspection of the area. However, this process can be dangerous. You may be unaware of certain utilities that run below your property, putting your employees at risk and increasing the chances of a severe construction accident. A utility survey is the only way to guarantee safety.

Resource Box: If you need a utility survey before your next construction project, visit the B. Riley Financial website to learn more.