Three Ways to Get Health Coverage Quickly if You Don’t Have It

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Insurance

Everyone needs to have health insurance. You never know when an unexpected illness or injury will arise. Therefore, you need to enroll in coverage if you don’t yet have it. These are three ways you can get it:

Sign up Through Your Employer

Usually, employers offer health insurance for their part-time and full-time employees. You can apply for such insurance by visiting the portal at your job and selecting an amount of coverage that suits you. Ask your benefits coordinator when you will qualify for such coverage.

Apply for Medicaid

Medicaid is something you can apply for if you are not working right now or your hours have been severely cut. You may qualify to receive Medicaid coverage, and you might not have to pay a premium for it.

Visit the Healthcare Marketplace

Another place you can go if you don’t have health insurance is the marketplace. You can Enroll In the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace Atlanta GA easily and receive affordable healthcare that can help you get the medical attention you need when you need it. You can only Enroll In The Federal Health Insurance Marketplace Atlanta GA during certain times of the year. However, certain circumstances may make you eligible for a special enrollment period. A loss of a job, divorce or change in circumstances may cause you to be eligible to receive coverage. You will have to visit the site and start your application to find out if you qualify.

Contact Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace at to find out more about health insurance coverage for yourself.