The Advantages of Keeping Your Money in Credit Unions in Northlake

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Financial Services

You need to keep your money as safe yet accessible as possible. However, rather than keeping your money in bank accounts, you could instead open and maintain accounts at a credit union.

If you have never before banked at one of these institutions, you may wonder about what advantages they can offer to you. These perks come with moving and keeping your money in credit unions in Northlake.

Part Ownership

People who bank at a credit union become part owners of that institution. When you have a stake in the wellness and security of the credit union, you may feel more secure about keeping your money there. You appreciate that people just like you are fellow part-owners and also take the security and integrity of the union as seriously as you do.

Better Banking Products

A credit union also may offer better banking products than what you could find at a bank. For example, it may have more versatile lines of credit. It also may have credit cards that have lower interest rates.

Further, it may offer more retirement accounts that you can keep your money in and grow for later use. You can get better rates on IRAs and other accounts.

These advantages come with keeping your money in credit unions in Northlake. You can find out more about them by contacting Leyden Credit Union directly.