What is a Streamline Federal Housing Administration Loan in Kalamazoo MI?

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Loans & Finance

The Streamline Federal Housing Administration Loan in Kalamazoo MI is a type of refinancing that allows folks to obtain lower mortgage payments, as well as reducing the term of the life of a home loan. The FHA Streamline was established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1980. This program is strictly regulated by HUD and is offered only by approved lenders under the Federal Housing Administration.


These loans have simple requirements, and people do not need to fill out as much paperwork as they would with a regular loan. Eligibility and other various conditions are also more attractive to borrowers because they do not include income verification. This means that the bank will not need to calculate the relationship between the borrower’s income and the mortgage payment.

However, it is good to have information concerning your finances on-hand as this will help you obtain a greater advantage when working out the mortgage contract. Another benefit of a Federal Housing Administration Loan in Kalamazoo MI is that the bank will not require an assessment of the value of the property. This is an expense that can also save borrowers plenty of money.

The goal

The goal is to get the best loan with the lowest interest rates possible. It is important to consider that the only goal of the FHA Streamline program is to reduce the borrower’s payments, which means that this particular program will not allow folks to withdraw any additional amount as a result of this refinancing, even if they have equity in their property. If a person is interested in obtaining money from their home, there are other types of refinancing that are available.

A fantastic option

FHA loans are a good option for most first-time and low-income homebuyers. People can buy a home with a down payment of 3%. However, they are not the best option for everyone.

The FHA will insure the mortgage in a way that is more attractive as a debtor. However, this has a cost attached to it. To get an FHA mortgage, people must pay an initial mortgage insurance premium of 1.5%.

Also, there is a small monthly fee that the lender will add to each mortgage payment. Folks do not have to pay these fees if they are eligible to take on a conventional mortgage. Apply for a loan today.