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Securing Representation during IRS Audits in Hartford County, CT

When the IRS notifies you that you are going to be audited, you immediately fear that you could go to jail or owe thousands of dollars in back taxes and penalties. You also worry that you will say the wrong thing in the audit and somehow inadvertently admit to an offense that you actually did not commit.

Rather than go to the audit alone, you can hire a professional accounting service to represent you during the hearing. These reasons can convince you to rely on an accountant for any upcoming IRS audits in Hartford County, NY, today.

Familiarity with the Tax Laws

Chances are as a lay person that you have no idea what the tax laws in your state are. You have no idea if you ran afoul of them or obeyed them when you filed your taxes.

The accountant that you hire knows what the tax laws are and can represent you during the hearing. He or she also has the legal certification required by the federal government to act as counsel for taxpayers who are being audited.

Your accountant can advise you on what to say and also argue down the charges against you. You could owe much less than what the IRS originally charged you. You can find out more about hiring representation to go with you to IRS audits in Hartford County, CT, online by contacting Padgett Business Services at