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Real Estate Judgments: What Happens When You Sell?

Are you thinking about your options with your real estate judgments? If so, you may be unsure what your options are for and which is best for your goal. Should you sell judgment awards? Perhaps you are looking for reasons to get rid of the lien you have. Buying a judgment is one of the ways some companies can help you. The process is not as complex as you may expect and it can give you money in your hand now to handle any goals you have.

What You Need to Know

When you work with a company handling professional judgment purchases, you gain the one-on-one help you need. For example, someone can obtain a judgment lien against another person against personal property, real estate or even a vehicle. The problem is that getting paid on that lien takes a long time, and you may not always want to wait for it. At Mayflower Judgments, we work closely with you to close out that judgment quickly.

What Is the Process Like?

When you call our experienced judgment evaluators, we listen to your concerns and gather key information. We buy mortgages, deeds of trust, installment land contracts, contracts for deed, mechanics liens, and tax liens. Our team provides a full evaluation of the lien property for sale. We then provide an offer on the lien. The individual an accept it and receive money for it within a matter of days.

You are wondering how to go about the process. Should you sell judgment liens awarded to you? Who is the best company when it comes to buying judgments like this from you? For anyone who has a lien and wants more information, all you have to do is to request a free online quote – that is no obligation or fee for this.

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