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Protect Yourself and Your Assets With Insurance in Adrian, MI

Insurance protects you and your assets. Of course, you’ll have to pay for that coverage. But when something happens, you’ll be happy that you have insurance in place to cover the costs associated with the incident. Learn more about how you can protect yourself and your valuables with insurance in Adrian, MI.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is specifically put in place to cover your vehicle in the case of an accident. You are required to hold liability insurance, which covers other drivers. Comprehensive auto insurance covers your vehicle, too. You can also get additional auto insurance to cover you in different specific situations not covered by traditional insurance. You can also get coverage for other vehicles, such as your boat.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects your home in the case of damage. It’s important to understand exactly what incidents are covered by your homeowner’s insurance so that you can add additional coverage if necessary. If you have expensive items inside your home, you can also get coverage on those possessions in case they get damaged or stolen.

Commercial Insurance

You are required to have commercial general liability insurance if you start a small business. This insurance covers you in the case of a lawsuit so that your business isn’t forced to go bankrupt. You may need additional insurance for other incidents. For example, you will need commercial auto insurance to cover your business vehicles or product liability insurance to cover you in the case that your products cause damage to a customer.

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