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Learning How to Write a Check for Rent in Des Plaines, Illinois

How to Write a Check for Rent

Learning how to write a check for rent is not that hard, and you can do it in a couple of minutes. Even though it can be daunting, you start by getting a personal check and filling it out.

On the center of the check, there is a space that says, “pay to the order of.” That space is where you will print the check recipient’s name or the full name of the rental agency. The date will go in the upper right-hand corner of the check, and you can write the amount in the center. If you need to leave a memo, put it in the bottom left-hand corner of the check.

Money Order Near Me

If you can find a money order near me, you can pay rent that way. Money orders use the same information that you would put on a check. However, you do not need to have an active bank account to get one.

You just need to give the money order place a little bit of information, and they can help you. They need the full name of your landlord or rental agency. Plus, they need to know the amount that is due. Then, you need to tell them when the check will be due.

Here are a few bits of information you should know when getting a money order for rent:

  • The Recipient’s Name
  • The Date
  • The Monthly Rent
  • A Memo
  • Your Signature

If you put a memo on there, you can write a short phrase to describe the rent’s purpose.

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