The Information To have On Hand Before Meeting With A Professional Regarding Individual Tax Services In Manhattan NY

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Financial Services

Understanding the process of completing taxes and the various laws and regulations around them can be daunting, and causes many people to pull their hair out in frustration. Fortunately, a professional CPA firm can help and offers a broad range of Individual Tax Services in Manhattan NY that will ensure a person is submitting the correct information and according to any state or federal regulations. Before meeting with a tax professional, it is a good idea to have the following items on hand to ensure the meeting is productive and the tax professional has the information they need.

Income Information

One of the most important parts is making sure that a person has their income information readily available. Be sure to have a copy of check stubs and a wage earnings report, which is usually distributed at the end of the calendar year. This will be the base information the professional will use when filling out forms and determining if a person is due a refund or has to pay either state or federal taxes.

Past Tax Returns

It is a good idea to provide them with any past returns as well, as this will enable the tax professional to understand how a person filed their taxes in the past. It can also help them determine if the individuals missed out on deductions that could have increased their return and file amended returns if necessary. While a minimum of one year should be included, most tax professionals will require a minimum of three years worth of returns.

Deductions And Expense Information

There are many items that a person can use to help reduce their tax liability, including tuition cost, mortgage interest, and businesses expenses if they are self-employed. Be sure to provide the tax professional with any receipts or mileage logs, as they will be calculated when completing a person’s taxes. They will also check the validity of expenses, which will provide peace of mind in the event of an audit.

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