How to Sell a Structured Settlement

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Financial Services Zone

Did you know you can sell a structured settlement? A judge will award a structured settlement to those who were wronged. For example, in a malpractice lawsuit, the judge may require structured settlement payments to be paid by the doctor to the patient. Structured settlement payments are a great way to receive large sums of money. Typically, they are paid tax-free and can provide relief to the plaintiff.

Why Do Judges Award Payments Instead of a Lump Sum?

If you have been awarded a settlement in a recent civil case, you may need money faster than the payments can provide. Payments can be awarded monthly or quarterly. The judge uses reasoning to determine the best payments to help you, as they do not want you to spend all your money too quickly. The courts set up payments to provide you with financial security. However, after a long court battle, you may have bills stacked up.

How Does Selling My Structured Settlement Work?

When you want to sell a structured settlement, you should consider your options. You do not have to sell the entire structured settlement. You can determine how much money you need and sell that portion. For example, if you need $20,000, you can sell $20,000 worth of your payments. You can also sell a specific number of payments. Lastly, you have the option of settling the entire structured settlement. Companies such as We Pay More Funding LLC can walk you through your options to help you to determine which is the best choice for you.