How Can I Pay My Bill: Help For Florida Residents

by | Aug 31, 2018 | Financial Consultant

There is nothing worse than getting an unexpected bill in the mail. Perhaps you missed a payment, and the company is finally noticing the error, or maybe you were anticipating the bill but not at this time.

It is also possible that a sudden emergency or expense came up, which now leaves you wondering how can I pay my bill for this expense plus all my other financial obligations? If you find yourself in this situation, you are definitely not alone. In fact, Florida residents are just above the national average for debt per household.

If you are wondering how can I pay my bill and still meet all my other obligations in the month, payday loans or direct bill pay through check cashing services may offer the solutions you need.

Direct Bill Pay

One of the advantages of using a check cashing service for direct bill pay is the money is debited immediately and paid directly to the creditor. This is a benefit for many people as the payment is a priority and is deducted from your available account balance.

This is ideal to prevent impulse spending and to ensure you stay on a budget. By having the bills paid immediately, there is also no risk of late fees or additional penalties or interest.

Payday Loans

In Florida, it is possible to apply for up to $500 in payday loans. If you are wondering how can I pay my bill and you do not have the cash on hand, these short-term loans can be the solution.

Borrowers will pay a flat rate for the loan, which is based on the total amount borrowed. They write a check for the loan and the fee and then return to pay off the loan on or before the loan due date.