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Breast Cancer Financial Assistance is Available

There are a million things running through your mind after you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. You are worried about your health of course, the journey in front of you, the kids, your spouse and other family members. One worry you can put to rest if you have a life insurance policy is money. There is breast cancer financial assistance available that can help you over the financial burden difficulties of this disease.  You do not have to add financial problems to the list of things to worry about.

The Financial Devastation
If you work outside the home and your family is dependent on that income, it can be a huge blow financially when you realize that work is going to be difficult to fit in with this disease. Then the worry settles in. How will your family mange the bills? House payments? Car payments? You can call creditors and explain your situation, and they likely will be sympathetic but not forgiving. Having money right now is what you and your family need.

Get the Help
If you have a life insurance policy, you can get a loan up to the face value of the policy. You can choose to take less of a loan than the face value if you want. The proceeds of the loan are paid out quickly and you can choose to do with the money whatever you like. You do not have to worry about:
*Making monthly payments
*Dealing with a credit check
*Explaining your income

The loan is made against the face value of your policy and it is paid back when your policy is paid out. Fifth Season Financial offers the compassionate services that will help you and your family at this critical time. Find out if you qualify by contacting Fifth Season Financial today!