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3 Benefits of Holding a Virtual Shareholder Meeting From Salt Lake City

Traditional, earnings and other types of shareholder meetings are held in person. That is no longer a requirement. Today, it’s possible to gather in a virtual environment for a virtual shareholder meeting, an approach that works on multiple levels. Here are some of the benefits of going virtual with these types of gatherings.

One key advantage is that there is no travel involved. Shareholders can easily remain wherever they happen to be and access the meeting using any Internet-connected device. This alone saves a lot of time and allows each shareholder to attend the meeting, then get back to whatever he or she was doing before.

Another benefit is that more shareholders are likely to attend the meeting. With no travel or any additional expenses involved, major and minor shareholders can afford it. Increased participation will go a long way toward ensuring more shareholders are exposed to the same data at the same time. All that’s required is setting aside a couple of hours that the meeting will occur, settling into a comfortable spot, and logging in.

Last, this approach can be set up as a hybrid event. Those who do live close to the originating location are free to attend in person. All others can access it remotely. This allows the best of both worlds and provides shareholders with more choices.

If your company has never tried a virtual shareholder meeting, now is the time to learn more about how this solution works. It could turn out to be the ideal platform for your purposes.

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